La Romana, Dominican Republic


Nothing beats the feeling you get when you step off the plane in Dominican Republic and get a good whiff of the smell in the air! I probably book my trips to return just for the smell of the island.

In the spirit of Dominican Independence Day, I wanted to write about my recent trip to La Romana, Dominican Republic.  I had an amazing time full of relaxation, exploring, and to be honest…a lot of eating! Although I spent most of the time swimming in the ocean, I took some time to visit Altos De Chavón.  This small village is a recreation of a sixteenth century Mediterranean village constructed in the 1970’s up until the 1980’s.  The architecture and cobble stone streets are very similar to what you’ll find in the historical areas of Santo Domingo.  The views are breathtaking! It’s a beautiful place to visit and be immediately transported into a different time.


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