As a New Yorker, gravitating towards a black and white outfit comes so natural to me. This time, I thought I would add a bit of flair with a pair of fabulous pumps with feather appliques. I got lucky walking into a J.Crew store when I found these shoes. They were retailed for about $300 but I walked out of the store with them paying under $100! I’m a big bargain shopper and finding sales like this, made my day. My entire outfit for the post is from J.Crew including jewelry, shoes, top and bottom.

I chose to photograph this outfit in the uptown area of New York City. The backdrop of the George Washington Bridge helps give you an idea of how beautiful this city is. It seems like no matter you go, you’ll find an amazing gem in every corner.


I have to confess that I was actually feeling really “off” this day. I was stumbling around in my heels, losing my step, and feeling clumsy. I was having a really hard time focusing on my tasks and direction from the photographer. You see, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis about 5 years ago. It’s been 3 years since I experienced any symptoms until this day. On this day, I relapsed. After this photo-shoot, I went out to lunch with my photographer, aka my husband. It was then that I realized my vision was a bit off. My body started to feel weak and numb. As the days went on, my symptoms got worse. My right eye muscle was weak which impaired my vision. Everything I saw was crisscross. I couldn’t get around without assistance since my perception was off and I couldn’t determine what I was seeing was an actual image or just a duplicate due to an MS symptom. My entire left side of my body was suddenly very “heavy” feeling. I felt like I weighed 200 more pounds on one side of my body. Anyone with MS will tell you that describing our symptoms is like we’re making it up or imagining it cause I know that when I say them out loud, I sound crazy! I could walk but with difficulty. I couldn’t really bend my left knee or get my foot off the floor. I could lift my arm but with great strain. I could hold something but with a very weak grasp. I was very fatigued all the time. Doing a small task like sweeping or prepping a meal, exhausted me. I needed help with everything! After 5 rounds of steroid infusions, I finally started to feel better. I’m slowly getting my energy and strength back. My vision is not 100% but I can get around with out any assistance. I’m writing this 2 weeks after the photo shoot because I can now see what I’m typing and I’m not getting tired doing it. I got lucky this time around. I’m not in the clear yet, but it looks like I’m getting better and better. I didn’t feel any pain.   I have a great support system within my family and I was able to recieve all the help I needed. I have MS and I’m living with it. These relapses are reminders of the disease and what it’s capable of doing. It put my life on a short hold forcing me to rest and accept what was going on with me. I have a passion for fashion and styling and as long as my body allows me, I’m going to pursue my business goals with all the determination and focus I can muster. Life will always be full of a challenge, that is something I’m constantly reminded of, but it’s imperative that we learn how to push through it, achieving small and big accomplishments along the way.

-Thanks for taking the time to read my personal story. –


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FlutterHemTop J.Crew // CroppedPant J.Crew // Necklace SOLD OUT J.Crew Similar // Pumps SOLD OUT J.Crew Similar // Gold Bracelet J.Crew // Clutch Bag Louis Vuitton // Sunglasses UrbanOutfitters // Watch Movado


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