About Me



Welcome to my blog! I’m a mother of two living in NYC. I like to call myself a Dominican York. Fashion is in my blood! My dad was a custom men’s tailor and ran his business at home. I grew up surrounded by fabrics, the sound of sewing machines, and the evolving change of fashion trends.

I’ve had a long career in the Fashion industry working as a Retail Buyer. I started working in the Buying offices of a major department store than moved onto working for boutique fashion shops. After years of being in the fast pace, I took a break to start a family.

Fast forward to today, and I now want to express my love for style and fashion with this blog. Born and raised in NYC, and surrounded by friends and family, I’m influenced by them and the city I live in! I have a strong love and appreciation for my Dominican culture and anything Latino related. I enjoy taking in Latino art, music, food, and literature that make up the culture. Having the heavy Latino influence but growing up in NYC gives me a unique point of view.

Follow me on this journey thru my eyes……….