2018 isn’t over……yet!


Not too many people start the year with resolutions but I do it every year. It’s October and I’m doing an assessment on my commitments and accomplishments. So lets see how I’m doing…
1. I want to be one of those girls that got their shit together everyday. Those are the girls who wear the perfect winged eyeliner EVERY DAY! Who are you and how can I be more like you? I’ve tried. This is hard! It’s also a lot of work to clean off my face everyday. I don’t know….maybe I’ll get this one accomplished but it’s not looking good.
2. Eating healthy: So far so good! As I get older my palate has changed. I used to start my mornings with coffee and a pastry but I no longer find that desirable. Now I    start my day with a plain yogurt topped with fresh fruit or Ill have a superfood smoothie. I  also pack a healthy lunch most days for work. So far this resolution has been going very well for me and I know I’ve established new healthy habits…so…YAY for me!
3. Exercise: Ok guys I hate exercising. I really hate it. My workout routines goes in cycles where I have months of sticking to a routine and then I have months where I don’t do a minute of movement. It’s October and I can’t remember the last time I worked out so thats not going to well….

One out of three isn’t so bad, right? Any of you make resolutions and stick with it? Any failed? Share in the comments below I would love to hear about it.

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