Time Goes By So Fast


Today I  found a picture in my phone that my daughter took of my son that made me realized just how grown my baby has become. He’s 13 years old and will be a freshman in High School this September. HIGH SCHOOL! I know its only January but I’m already freaking out! My son was diagnosed with Autism when he was 5 years old and finding him the best school has always been an issue for us. I’m deep in the search of finding him a High School that can challenge him academically while providing him with the related services and support he needs. Living in New York City, we surrounded by so many choices in schools but at times it can be overwhelming.  I’ll be out on school tours and applying to as much schools possible.  My husband and I are anxious for our boy but at the same time we have to be confident in that he’ll be ok.  For the parents reading this, you already know how hard this job is.  When they’re newborns, it’s easy to think they’ll fit in your arms forever.  But time can be cruel and smack you in the face. My son is 13 and my daughter is 10. I  want to be selfish; I want keep them in my arms forever. But I can’t. I  have to let go a little and have faith in them.  My son will be ok. He’s going to High School and I’m excited about this new chapter in his life.

Have any of you been down this road before? If so, please comment with some advice. I’m all open!

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New Year New Goals


Every year I get together with my closest friends and we share our new year resolutions together. When we started doing this we were in our early 20’s and our goals back then were about moving up in our careers, relationship related, and socializing.  Twenty years later and I realized that I don’t add fun activities to my list of goals. So this year, I plan on changing that.  I    will like to challenge myself by getting uncomfortable and doing things I would never do but are fun.  For example, I hate amusement parks. HATE! So I just booked a trip to Disney World…the happiest place on earth. It’s only January so I have 11 more months to come up with ways to fulfill my resolution.  Life is short and its important to live it to the fullest.  I’m looking forward to 2018 and all the different ways I’ll celebrate it. If you have any suggestions for me please comment on this post please.


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