Visiting the Mother Land


Nothing beats the feeling you get when you step off the plane in Dominican Republic and get a good whiff of the smell in the air! I probably book my trips to return just for the smell of the island.

In the spirit of Dominican Independence Day, I wanted to write about my recent trip to La Romana, Dominican Republic.  I had an amazing time full of relaxation, exploring, and to be honest…a lot of eating! Although I spent most of the time swimming in the ocean, I took some time to visit Altos De Chavón.  This small village is a recreation of a sixteenth century Mediterranean village constructed in the 1970’s up until the 1980’s.  The architecture and cobble stone streets are very similar to what you’ll find in the historical areas of Santo Domingo.  The views are breathtaking! It’s a beautiful place to visit and be immediately transported into a different time.


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Reflecting in Paradise


I’m not one who commits to my new years resolutions but something different happened in 2016.  This year I promised myself to step out of my shell and try something new.  This year I was turning 40 years old and I started to reflect on my life. Although I have soo many things I’m proud of there still another 40+ years of life I want to live that’s a bit different from what I’m used to.  I’m usually shy and the last person to seek attention. So how do you start behaving the opposite of that? Start a blog and post many many pictures of yourself! Of course!  So now its December and as I spend a few days in La Romana, Dominican Republic, I can’t believe how much I’ve grown and changed.  The beautiful setting in paradise was the perfect place for me to be in and reflect on this year as it ends. What I’ve learned is that no one cares if you jump, scream, dance, sing….etc… seriously…just live your life. Do what ever it is that will put a smile on your face and makes you feel good about yourself.


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Celebrating in Mexico


This year I turned FOURTY years old and all I wanted to do was celebrate somewhere tropical.  I chose to stay at the Fairmont Mayakoba in Riviera Maya and I am soo happy I did.  I needed to bring in the milestone year spending my time totally relaxed and this resort did not disappoint!

I’ve been to Mexico a few times and although I love this country, I’ve been a little disappointed by my hotel stay in the past. Not this time.  This hotel is nestled inside an ecological dream where you are surrounded by lush greenery and wildlife.  To get around, you have the option to go on a golf cart ride, bicycle, or even better…just walk!

One of my most favorite parts of this trip was spending some restful time at the Willow Stream Spa.  I seriously didn’t want to leave.  I was welcomed by the spa staff upon entering and was walked into the locker room, which is an amazing space in itself.  The treatments were amazing and definitely a reason to return to this hotel.

I will plan to return to this hotel and location since I had a memorable experience.  My very spacious room was tucked away with the view of the property’s lagoon. A NYC apartment could’ve fit in our bathroom! From the amazing staff, the excellent food, and the beautiful atmosphere, the Fairmont Mayakoba is a mystical experience I can’t wait to do again!thumb_IMG_6875_1024IMG_0274IMG_0371thumb_BC1486A0-E487-4F76-84B4-00DA39A1E100_1024                                   thumb_IMG_7026_1024IMG_6926thumb_IMG_7043_1024thumb_IMG_6968_1024thumb_IMG_6965_1024thumb_IMG_6928_1024thumb_IMG_7044_1024thumb_IMG_7103_1024IMG_0419

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Foggy Fall


Today I went for a walk at our neighborhood park when we came across this beautiful fog.  It was an amazing opportunity to take some pictures.  It’s getting chilly here in NYC and I love wearing this J.CREW coat for this time of year.  It’s not

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Clean Hair with Neutrogena

I have to admit, I’m a bit obsessed with my hair.  I color it often and I blow dry it A LOT.  I’m always on the search for the perfect hair product so I use a lot of different styling products.   Because of everything I put my hair through, including

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Florals For Fall


I have to admit, I’m not big on wearing prints.  Loud colors and florals are not my thing. But when I saw this dress on the Banana Republic website, I fell in love.  The bonus features for me, are that it comes in Petite and it has Pocket!!  It’s been raining here in NYC, but I managed to beat the rain this

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Summer’s in NYC


Today I went on a summer stroll through Central Park.  This particular bridge is very special to me since its where my husband proposed to me.  I remember like it was yesterday, and ten years later as I walk over this bridge, I’m reminded how much I love him.

I wore a very comfortable white dress by Zara and my favorite Panama Hat.  Fashion Stylist, Nitzalli (Nitzalli Ferreira) recommended this dress to me and I  bought it immediately! She just started her instagram page, follow her…you won’t be disappointed!

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